Our Recommended
Hotels in Cuba:
1. Hotel Manzana
2. Hotel El Castillo
3. Hotel Saratoga
4. Hotel Parque Central
5. Aparthotel Montehabana
6. Villa Maria la Gorda
Our Recommended
Package Holidays from the UK:
1. Salsa
2. Diving
3. Beach
4. Honeymoon
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Tourist Advisory
The weather is hot and sunny all year round. April and May though are especially good. Then you have the most sunny days, low rainfall, low humidity, hot, but not too hot and no hurricanes. In addition, and rather perversely, generally this time, except the Easter week, is “low season”. So, you should see that flights, hotels, package holidays and car rentals are at the lowest rates but with relatively high availability. Please note some Hotels and Car models are popular all year so bookings are advisable as far in advance as possible.
Havana Tourist Map
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